Overview of kitty stretch

From either standing and kneeling, this stretch is focussed on stretching the upper back and shoulders, isolating them from the other regions of the back.


  1. Start around a metre away from the wall with your arms up legs together and core engaged.
  2. Place hands against the wall around shoulder width apart, keeping shoulders neutral, not rolling outwards
  3. Slowly start to push your chest towards the wall, head looking up. Lengthen from your upper back, engaging your core to keep the other areas of the back from bending too much.
  4. Once you get as far as you can feeling the stretch, hold for 20-30 seconds, come out of the stretch slightly, relax and then re-enter at the same depth or slightly deeper than you started and repeat. Ideally you want your chest on the wall, but try not to compromise your shoulder position to do this.


This stretch can made easier and harder by changing how far your hands are down the wall, as well as how close your feet are to the wall.