Learn contortion in New York City

While many people get into contortion self-teaching or researching training online, but there is no replacement for a contortion coach teaching you in person. Training with someone regularly lets you ensure you can safely learn skills in contortion. Thankfully there are many options for those wanting to learn contortion in New York City.

New York has a buzzing circus scene and is home to many venues that regularly feature contortion performances. Because of this, NYC offers a great number of performers to both watch perform and learn skills from.

There are also many great schools where you can learn contortion in New York City. No matter what your schedule or goals are there is a decent variety to pick from.

New York is home to the world famous Circus Warehouse which offers a range of different disciplines to learn, taught by some of the best artists in the world at what they do. Contortion is no exception!

There are many other great places that teach many other circus disciplines including contortion. New York is also a popular choice for international coaches that travel around the world for workshops and shows, so even if there are no teachers that interest you, it’s quite likely there will be a high quality coach visiting throughout the year.

Along with drop in classes, many of the contortion trainers in New York teach private contortion classes. These are a great option if you’re wanting to get some hands-on help with the poses you’re struggling with, or if you’re worried about getting started.

Here are some great coaches to learn contortion from in New York City

Here are some great places to learn contortion in New York City

Studio locations provided by our friends at Circusbase. Circusbase are building a global circus community online. They want to connect Circus performers and hobbyists around the world. Circusbase is built to bring circus lovers together.

Circus Warehouse

Huge training venue that teaches a wide range of skills with a strong focus on professional training, however they also offer drop in classes for hobbyists too.
See Circus Warehouse on Circusbase

Aerial Arts NYC

Specialised aerial circus school that also offers Contortion and flexibility in Manhattan along with hand balancing classes
See Aerial Arts NYC on Circusbase

Brooklyn Zoo

Brooklyn Zoo is a unique space for parkour practitioners as well as those wanting to try out circus training
See Brooklyn Zoo on Circusbase