Contortionists Unite!

Talk to other’s interested in Flexibility based disciplines from all over the world. Contortionists Unite! is a social network

Contortionists Unite is an online community for those who practice contortion, boasting a user base of over one and a half thousand people, it is the largest network of its kind online.

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Things to be aware of before you sign up

We want to keep our network friendly and safe for those who use it, in order to do this we please ask that you complete the following in order to help us in getting you onto the network

  • Completely fill out your profile

    So we can more easily distinguish between a robot and a person, please completely fill out your profile with all of the relivent information, including the “About me” section. Profiles that are not complete will be automatically rejected

  • Provide a clear profile photograph of yourself

    In order to further confirm your identity please provide a face photograph of yourself that is clear and easily distinguishable. You can always change it later, but upon applying we ask you to provide a clear photograph of yourself.

  • Use an email address tied to social media

    By doing this, it means we can quickly check who you are by searching for your facebook profile and verifying your identity

Contortionists Unite! is a non-profit project, we make no money from the service and there is a fee to keep the site running so we kindly ask those whom want to help out to donate (no amount is too small)