Leg behind back pose

Leg behind back
Leg under arm

Featured demonstrator
Stephen Shaw-Naar

Leg behind back pose overview

This pose is also known as leg under armpit pose and is the natural progression of a contortionist furthering their leg behind head practice. This pose relies on a much greater depth of stretch in the hip joint than its parent position. It is for this reason that practitioners need to be careful as they start to progress to this next level. A contortionist’s proportions affect the way that they execute positions. This is definitely no exception. Those with longer legs might find it easier as the leg is more easily accessible. Another key flexibility component for this pose is shoulder flexibility. Your shoulder must be flexible enough to make space for the leg to be placed under the arm.

Progressions before this pose

All contortion poses can be broken down into relevant progressions. Take a look at the regressions that are relevant for this pose. If you’re working towards the current pose, mastering these below will help you on your way.

Advanced progressions

If you’ve mastered this pose take a look below for more advanced variations