Ankle catch bridge pose

Ankle catch bridge

Featured demonstrator
Omar Mshaly

Ankle catch bridge overview

This is the final progression of bridge pose whereby the contortionist takes their hands off the floor and grasps their ankles, knees or upper leg and brings their head towards their glutes. Completion of this advanced pose requires advanced shoulder as well as hip flexor flexibility. It can be entered in various different ways. Some prefer to start from the floor and walk their hands in towards their legs. Other contortionists prefer to hang back into the pose and then grab each leg or ankle individually without touching the floor.

Progressions before this pose

All contortion poses can be broken down into relevant progressions. Take a look at the regressions that are relevant for this pose. If you’re working towards the current pose, mastering these below will help you on your way.

Advanced progressions

If you’ve mastered this pose take a look below for more advanced variations