Add poses to CU!

Contortionists Unite provides all practitioners of Contortion with a single place that they can learn about contortion coaches, performers and poses.

We think it is important for those that are currently practicing as well as those who are just getting started have goals and ambitions, but also understand the safe progressions for poses that they can build up to.

This is why we started the Poseadex project!

We want to build the largest collection of contortion poses so that the contortion community has one place to get their pose inspiration from to help them experiment, learn and contribute to the community as a whole.

In order to grow this project we need you, the community to help us out. One of the amazing things about contortion is that the same pose can look very different on different bodies, so we want to capture this wonderful variety in as many different examples as possible.

In order to make sure the poses are displayed in the best ways possible, we’ve set up some guidelines as to what will work best in the context of educating rather than just having a collection of really nice photographs (for that, check out the performers!)

An example of what good looks like

We definitely don’t expect people to provide studio quality photographs, but having some nice clean, well lit shots will help with keeping the poses easy to understand.

Use traditional angles

Photograph the subject from straight-on so that it is clear what the pose looks like. Taking photographs of front, side and top may also help communicate what the pose looks like

Have a clear backdrop

Remove clutter from behind the subject that might distract from the pose

Photograph using a neutral background

Using a light and neutral background is best as it easily lets us see the subject of the photograph

As well lit as possible

Having a well lit photo helps massively in seeing what is happening in the pose as well as improving the quality of the image. Photographing using daylight is the best, but understandably is hard in places like studios

Ideally not in a living space such as a bedroom or living room

Places like living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens etc within houses and apartments are difficult to take good, clean photographs in due to rooms being small, busy backgrounds and poor lighting. The best places for example photos like these are in dance studios, yoga studios, circus spaces, gyms etc.

Subject wearing non-obstructive clothing

Tight-fitting sports clothes with t-shirts tucked in without socks allows for the best view of the subject’s body so the pose can be properly seen. Subjects wearing costumes (as nice as they are!) aren’t the best for demonstrating poses as they can sometimes obstruct parts of the body.

Not closely cropped

It’s important that space is left around the subject to allow for things like annotations or just so that the image will display well on a verity of screen sizes when it is added to the site

Taken with a stills camera or photo mode on a good quality phone camera

Video screenshots usually are not as clear as proper still photographs so make sure that you use the photo mode on your phone or still camera rather than recording video