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Contortion and flexibility training doesn't have to be scary or intimidating, with the right mindset and dedication most people can attain a decent level of flexibility, no matter their age or natural inclination to flexibility.

The key to sustaining good progress is building a strong foundation in your training. Starting at the beginning and then building from there.

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While learning the basics on your own is achievable, there is no real replacement to the advice of a good coach. Also, with contortion and flexibility training being such specialist disciplines, it's sometimes hard to find a coach in your area, or even your own country. We can help you find a coach that matches your skills and goals either in your area, country or abroad.

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Learning on your own can be hard, but fortunately there are several places online where you can share and discuss your interest in contortion and flexibility training.

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There are many tricks and poses in contortion sand flexibility disciplines, check out our growing list of poses to work towards your goals.

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Get the best out of your contortion training space

The right training environment can make the world of difference to your training. The good thing with flexibility training is that you don’t require a massive amount of space, or equipment. There are some things, however, you should consider when setting up your training space. Floorspace is key Whilst this…
Contortionists Unite
February 3, 2018

Goal setting in your contortion training

Many beginner contortionists start flexibility training with the intention of a final pose, or trick in mind. This is good as it provides your training with purpose and keeps you motivated. It's easy to get demoralised when you don't see any progress and you're falling short of the expectations you have…
Contortionists Unite
April 17, 2017