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Contortion and flexibility training doesn't have to be scary or intimidating. With the right mindset and dedication most people can attain a decent level of flexibility. With practice your age or natural inclination to flexibility don't matter as much.

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Learning the basics on your own is achievable but there is no real replacement to a good coach. It's sometimes hard to find a coach in your area, or even your own country. We can help you find a coach that matches your skills and goals in your area, country or abroad.

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Learning on your own can be hard. Fortunately there are several places online where you can share your interest in contortion and flexibility training.

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There are many tricks and poses in contortion sand flexibility disciplines. Check out our growing list of poses to work towards your goals.

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How do I get flexible fast?

We're going to tell you how to get flexible in three easy steps! Just follow the guide below and you'll be flexible in no time at all! This is becoming a common clickbait line on social media. But at what cost? A good number of blog posts, youtube tutorials and…
Contortionists Unite
December 16, 2018

What is a contortionist?

A bit about contortionists A contortionist is a person that practices Contortion. Contortionists are able to effortlessly complete many poses, tricks and skills in a performance or an act. These acts can take place on a stage or as a roaming set piece. Contortionist performances, like many other circus disciplines…
Contortionists Unite
December 9, 2018

Learn contortion as an adult

For many wanting to learn contortion it may seem like it is only accessible to those who are still in youth, or naturally flexible. Fortunately this is not the case. Starting contortion training when you're younger has obvious benefits, but this shouldn't discourage from wanting to start. When starting contortion…
Contortionists Unite
December 2, 2018

What is hypermobility?

Hypermobility and Contortion While there are many contortionists that don't have a natural inclination to flexibility, those with hypermobility manage to reach the very extremes of the human body. If you're naturally flexible you might find yourself the envy of other budding contortionists. What is hypermobility Hypermobility is the term…
Contortionists Unite
November 24, 2018

Being safe sharing contortion online

Making friends online all over the world is great especially when they all share your love of Contortion! There are some key things to remember especially when you're chatting to people you don't really know about your contortion training. Unfortunately there are a large number of people who like to…
Contortionists Unite
September 23, 2018

Get the best out of your contortion training space

The right training environment can make the world of difference to your training. The good thing with flexibility training is that you don’t require a massive amount of space, or equipment. There are some things, however, you should consider when setting up your training space. Floorspace is key Whilst this…
Contortionists Unite
February 3, 2018

Goal setting in your contortion training

Many beginner contortionists start flexibility training with the intention of a final pose, or trick in mind. This is good as it provides your training with purpose and keeps you motivated. It's easy to get demoralised when you don't see any progress and you're falling short of the expectations you have…
Contortionists Unite
April 17, 2017